Embodiment Coaching

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Helping people navigate through their pain and discomfort so that they may reconnect with their body to surpass physiological limitations.

Supporting motivated individuals in moving beyond their (dis)comfort zone and limiting beliefs so that they may shift into alignment with their goals and aspirations. 

What is Embodiment?

“To be home in one’s body is to be at home everywhere. Embodiment is about being at home. It is about being present, being here, and wanting to be here….Being fully present in the now and in the body go together. This in turn overcomes fear and anxiety. Body and soul reunite. What we believe in becomes embodied in the work of our bodies. As Jung put it, ‘The difference we make between the psyche and the body is artificial. It is done for the sake of a better understanding. In reality, there is nothing but a living body. That is the fact; and psyche is as much a living body as body is living psyche: it is just the same’” (Matthew Fox, 147)

Embodiment is the art of being present in our body as we experience life.

Embodiment is the moment-to-moment process by which human beings may allow awareness to enhance the flow of sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and energies through their bodily selves.  Embodiment embraces the way we experience the world, interact with others, create and move through life. In neuroscience, that means self-perception of your own body. Embodiment is a field of study dedicated to exploring and understanding the subjective experience of the body. What does our posture say about us? The way we move, sit and stand can change the way we think and communicate.

The body does more than carry the brain around- through bodily motion and awareness, we both present and shape ourselves. 

Using a variety of tools and methodologies, the embodiment approach allows us to:

• Expand our embodied awareness 

• Recognize our stress patterns and activate our centered self

• 360 body-mind listening

• Manage our state more effectively

• Improving body awareness with simple exercises

• Reconnection with our own bodies as we explore the habitual reactions of our body

• Learning techniques to be effective in difficult situations

• Understanding how we experience change within our body

• Using current stressors to understand embodiment strategies

Stay Tuned!